The Art Of Happiness

By Soumyashree maharana - September 06, 2020

A person who is spiritually evolved can perceive inaction in action and action in inaction. Such a discerning person performs all types of actions.

-Bhagavad Gita

Before reading this, I have a question for you people, are you a happy person in your life. If yes then you are the luckiest person of this world or otherwise, you need have to work on yourself to attain some level of happiness.

See, as we all know that life is having two sides first one is happiness(the positive side) and the second one is sorrow or sadness(negative one ).

Nowadays it became challenging to be a person rather than to be a sorrow person. And right now, this is not only the problem of youths, but it is happening in all age scenarios.

Now the question arises that to being a happy person, what should we do? Whether we should dance, eat, read, play etc. to being happy. The clear-cut answer is no.

To be a happy person, you must follow certain measures in your life. As we all know it takes time to get good things in our life and microseconds to adopt bad things. As we have got a very busy generation. The generation which likes video games more than outdoor games. They like to talk more on the social media platform rather than talking face to face. This generation is busy in finding love ones on social media (a virtual world) rather than on this physical world. These people are unaware that there is waiting for your love in the real world and they are busy in sending a friend request or sending hearts on this social media. There is waiting for you to teach the lessons, but they are busy in copy and pasting. There is someone who is waiting for in your home to talk but you are busy talking to someone whom even you don’t know on social media.

See, using social media is not a bad thing when you exceed anything then it will start showing you the effects. To be a happy person, everyone must follow a path which takes you to a destination of spiritual happiness (happiness which will make you connect with your god). For his happiness, you must sacrifice with your external enemy first that is what people will say, what will be your future, feeling jealous of others success etc. And the second thing, every parent should teach their child from their childhood that he or she should be a great motivator because a motivator can reduce the level of negativity from the external environment.

Then another question arises in my mind that what we can do for internal peace? For our internal peace, we can create a meditative mind which will help in generating the internal attire of the mind. Your mind will start loving things when you will start working with a spiritual motive. And love is the only way to cure internal disability.

And meditation will play a great role in this. Always make yourself a great listener because a great listener can accept the cursed words easily without taking it deep in the mind. See, most of the people pretend that their life is like a mirror where they can see their truth but my friends, mirrors are the illusionary giver. So, come out of the illusion and enjoy the physical world, enjoy the nature, find someone who can make you laugh not cries and he or she will make your life beautiful and surprising.

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